BY Mike Cameron |

Introducing TripIt Pro Enterprise pricing model

TripIt Pro is amazing. We hear great feedback from our travelers that have been using our direct AirPortal integration with TripIt.
A few weeks ago I was on a flight scheduled from Ft. Lauderdale to Salt Lake City (via JFK). Our aircraft had mechanical troubles. Before the pilot came on to notify the passengers, TripIt notified me of the delay. Alternate Flights (a feature of TripIt Pro) showed me other available options. I called my agent who talked to Delta and got me on the last seat (first class, woop!) to Salt Lake City via Atlanta. I told the flight attendent I was confirmed on another flight and left the plane. Several of the travelers around me heard my conversation and asked how I was able to change so quickly. They thought I had traveling super powers. I told them it was just TripIt and my full service agent.
On top of that, my would be flight from JFK – SLC was also delayed 2 hours. Without TripIt I would have landed in SLC around 1 am. Instead, I made it home 4 hours earlier. For me, TripIt Pro is absolutely worth the $39/year (Christopherson discounted price).
We want all of our travelers to have the benefits of TripIt Pro, but for those of our travelers that only travel once or twice a year, $39/year can seem a little bit expensive. That’s why we’re introducing a new TripIt Pro Enterprise pricing model.
Travel managers, here’s how it works. Instead of $39/year per traveler, every traveler in your company can have all the great benefits of TripIt Pro for only $1/trip.
The math is pretty easy. If your average traveler goes on less than 39 trips per year (which should be most of our clients), it is less expensive to go with the Enterprise Pricing model. As a travel manager you end up looking like a hero to your company (saving money) and your travelers by making their traveling experience easier.
Sounds great, right? How do I sign up, you ask? Just contact your Christopherson Business Travel account manager and they can set you up!