BY Mike Cameron |

Innovation – Developing Successful New Products

The Wall Street Journal published an article titled “the Path to Developing Successful New Products”.
The WSJ surveyed businesses with the best product-development track records and found three common denominators:
     1. A clear sense of focus on project goals
     2. Strong project culture in the workplace
     3. Close contact to their customers
Christopherson Andavo Travel has been successful in developing many new proprietary technology products. I’m not sure if I can say that it is specifically because we have the above three strengths, however, I do recognize, at least, glimpses of each in our corporate culture.
Keep it Focused
We have been focused on developing really powerful proprietary technology for many years. Our 11 separate proprietary products and our continued investment in new technologies validates this.
Project Culture
This is an area we can improve in. We recognize this and our management team is in the midst of an entire “project management” training program and cultural makeover. We are using a program called “Just Enough Project Management”, written by Curtis R. Cook.
Talk to Customers
Some of our technology was developed to meet specific client’s unmet needs. Most of our technologies have one or more client “champions” who work directly with our developers to provide regular feedback and valuable input. We appreciate the partnerships