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Imagine being at the airport and getting checked in for your trip to a fabulous international destination. But instead of being on your way, the airline employee behind the counter explains that you can’t travel out of the country.  Your passport has less than 90 days validity on it.

Extended validity for passports

Many folks aren’t aware that international countries require that you have three to six months validity beyond your travel date on your passport. Travelers assume that they can travel on their passport up until it expires. This used to be true with destinations like Mexico, but this rule has recently changed. The need for extended validity is due to unforeseen events happening in a foreign country. For example, serious illness may keep you in a foreign country for an extended amount of time.

Another question many people have is whether or not children need passports. All children, even new born infants, need a passport to travel outside the U.S. We recommend that you locate and examine your passport when making international travel plans. If you do need to renew, start the process immediately. Waiting on a passport in a time crunch is one of the most stressful experiences of my life!  If you found a great deal on tickets, international airline tickets can be issued prior to obtaining your new passport.  The name on the ticket must exactly match as it will appear on the new passport. When your new passport arrives, the information can be added to the airline record.

Remember that old travel saying “Have passport will travel!”? That is still true, only with a few exceptions. You won’t be able to travel if you can’t locate your passport or it expires within three to six months! Happy Travels!

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