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How to Disconnect From Work While on Vacation

While most of us enjoy our time away from work while on vacation, there are many who find it difficult to be away from their desk for a variety of reasons.

One such reason is that while you may physically leave the office, mentally you’re still connected to the daily routines and rigors of work life. It continually consumes your thought process while away. But in order to enjoy time off, and to feel refreshed upon return, we need to leave work behind, both physically and mentally.

Certainly, in today’s hurried environment it’s difficult to ‘unplug’ from work. There are cell phones, laptops, easy access to e-mail, and a plethora of additional means for constant communication. But if we don’t unplug, then we won’t feel rejuvenated when we return. We will feel as though we never left the office.

In an article titled “How to Disconnect from Work and Enjoy Your Vacation,” Joel Garfinkle details how he went on vacation and completely disconnected from work. He explained how difficult it was, but how refreshed he felt when he returned. His advice? Don’t skip vacations. If you do, it can lead to a loss of creativity and have a negative impact on your work. He also gives three tips on how to disconnect while on vacation:

  1. Before your go, train your replacement. Make sure someone can do your job when you are away. Whether leaving for 2 weeks or a couple of days, someone should be there to step in while you’re gone.
  2. Don’t spend your entire vacation traveling. Checking in and out of hotels and driving all day to see the sights can be exhausting. You need to relax and unwind. Plan things to do, but leave a cushion of time just to relax.
  3. Don’t answer your phone. There are very few ‘real’ emergencies that can’t be handled by others. Especially if you’ve trained someone properly.

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