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Home for the holidays…your’s or mine?

According to a special holiday edition of the HomeAway Vacation Rental Marketplace Report, about one in five people (22%) say relatives overstay their welcome after a day or less. Some saying their family members wear out their welcome as soon as they arrive. Another 29% say relatives overstay their welcome after just a few days. About a third say their relatives never wear out their welcome.
The report also found men (11%) are more likely than women (3%) to want to show relatives the door as soon as they arrive, while women (41%) are more likely than men (32%) to say relatives never overstay their welcome. And who are the most welcomed guests during the holidays?  Fathers and fathers-in-law!
Holiday hosts are most annoyed by guests leaving their belongings all over the house. But it’s not just holiday hosts that suffer; guests also feel the pain of sharing cramped quarters. According to the report, travelers who’ve stayed with relative’s during the holidays say the worst sleeping situations they’ve endured are sleeping on a sofa or futon (28%), sleeping on the floor (21%) or sleeping on a roll-away bed (14%). One guest even had to sleep in the bathtub!
Whether you are entertaining guests or traveling to a relatives home this holiday season, here’s hoping you enjoy the most wonderful time of the year no matter the circumstance.
Christopherson Business Travel wishes all a delightful holiday season with loved ones near and far!