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Have You Reviewed and Updated Your Corporate Travel Program?

Travel managementAs an Account Manager with Christopherson Business Travel, I’m responsible for my clients travel management efficiency.  They often rely on me to assist with developing an effective travel policy to compliment their organization’s travel program. I’ve noticed that cost savings and service delivery have dominated the focus for most companies overall, whether the travel program responsibility is driven by the finance, human resource, or procurement department.

The Importance of a Travel Policy

The true cornerstone of an effective travel program is the travel policy. How long has it been since you sat down and went through your travel policy and efficiency? How does it line up with bullet points below?

  • Travel procurement begins with having a strong travel policy, because of its impact on travel spend and traveler satisfaction.
  • Having a strong travel policy, and traveler adherence to that policy, allows organizations to secure better pricing from preferred suppliers such as air carriers, car rental companies, and hotels.
  • The travel policy must be clear, enable travel, and provide guidelines. It must also align with your organization’s vision, mission, and values.

Christopherson Business Travel has already helped countless organizations across the country save money by providing assistance in developing an effective travel policy and more efficiently managing their travel programs.  To learn more about how Christopherson can help with your travel program, contact us today.

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