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Freedom Has Never Been Free | Christopherson Business Travel Thanks All Who Serve our Country

Christopherson Business Travel would like to pause from our regular business travel industry topics and take a moment to reflect on this Memorial Day Weekend

Freedom has never been free and the cost of freedom can never be repaid. As we celebrate Memorial Day, though the news of war has somewhat silenced, we as Americans should take this opportunity to honor and thank those who have served our nation.

A recent news article detailed the service of Kyle White, who received the Medal of Honor for his bravery and selfless service in Afghanistan. Though he received the highest military honors, the names engraved on the stainless steel bracelet around his wrist will always outshine the medal hung around his neck. The names he carries with him every day are the names of the fallen soldiers he attempted to save during an ambush in Afghanistan.

His story is similar to that of Navy Seal, Marcus Luttrell, who received the Navy Cross and Purple Heart for his selfless service in Afghanistan and whose story came to life in the movie Lone Survivor.  It is young men and women like this who have the courage, strength and integrity to stand and fight for the freedoms we enjoy each day.

Though we only celebrate Memorial Day one weekend each year, it is our duty to never miss an opportunity to thank an American soldier for their service. As the sun rises and sets, we are ever grateful to those who do, and have, paid the ultimate price for our freedoms. As American flags are flown, and the beauty of the red, white, and blue waves against an azure sky, we hope this Memorial Day weekend is more than just a three day weekend, but a solemn time of honor and gratitude.