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Downtime Redefined: Taking a Vacation Can Mean Any Number of Things

1404365196711I just returned from a family vacation in Puerto Vallarta with my husband and three teenagers (Yes, we survived!). My son just graduated from high school and as children get older, it becomes more and more challenging to get everyone together at the same time.

These days, vacations come in myriad forms. While we took the traditional family vacation, more and more travelers are taking a different approach. Here are a few examples: A “paycation” is when you moonlight as you travel. A “daycation” is a quick 24-hour getaway. A “praycation” is a religious retreat. A “bakeation” is a foodie’s holiday dedicated to sampling pastries (Yum!). Eco tourism (a.k.a. sustainable tourism) and volunteer tourism are also becoming popular options for many travelers. If nothing else, you can have a “staycation” where you stay home and enjoy free time and sightseeing in your own city.

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