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Delta’s Terminal 4–A New Star at JFK

By June 4, 2013November 7th, 2023No Comments

I recently had the privilege of touring Delta’s new Terminal 4 at New York’s JFK Airport. From the minute we stepped inside, it was quite apparent that Delta was very proud of their new “baby,” and rightfully so!

Terminal 4 is part of Delta’s $1.4 billion renovation project at JFK. The first thing I noticed were the floor to ceiling windows which added an abundance of natural light to the terminal. There are also plenty of kiosks, check-in counters, and Delta employees ready to assist travelers at every step of the check-in process. There is also a separate check-in area for Sky Priority members. The TSA screening area was a bit unorganized, but that should improve soon as Sky Priority lanes are added.

After looking around the check-in area of the terminal, we were led downstairs to the gates, which included many shops and restaurants. After a quick walk through the area, we were taken to the new Sky Club. This is definitely the grandest of Delta’s Sky Clubs. It is 24,000 square feet of work (or relaxation) space for Sky Club members, including an outdoor rooftop terrace called the Sky Deck.

The Sky Deck is a great place to relax and get some fresh air before heading to your flight. For those with a Sky Club pass, it is well worth the visit. For those who don’t feel they travel enough to purchase a one-year pass, you can purchase a one day pass for $50.00 and visit any of Delta’s Sky Clubs.

As a sidenote, while we were out on the Sky Deck, we actually saw an Emirates Air A380 Airbus land. For those not familiar with the A380, it’s a twin deck jet that can hold more than 500 passengers. It was amazing to watch it land.

Delta’s new Terminal 4 reinforces the company’s commitment to the New York airport. If you have an opportunity to travel to, from, or through JFK, Terminal 4 is a must-see (especially the Sky Club).

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