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Delta Airlines To Increase Presence At London-Heathrow Airport

According to latest reports, Delta Airlines will soon acquire Singapore Airline’s 49% stake in Virgin Atlantic and will gain a larger presence at London Heathrow Airport. The joint alliance means Delta and Virgin Atlantic combined will become the second largest operator between the U.S. and the U.K. with 25% of the market. British Airways and American Airlines combined have a 60% market share. The carriers are confident the Department of Transportation will approve this joint venture by the end of 2013.

Both carriers expect their brands to benefit by the proposed joint venture. Virgin Atlantic already is top choice for many U.S. travelers to the UK. And will benefit greatly from Delta’s strong domestic route network. Delta is already considered a popular airline choice for Europe-bound business travelers, they’ve just lacked sufficient airlift into London.

The newly announced alliance is great news for Christopherson’s corporate accounts, particularly for business travelers in the Salt Lake City market and surrounding Rocky Mountain region. Travelers of both carriers will soon have greater access to a broader network, reciprocal frequent flyer benefits, and improved connectivity to London Heathrow from both New York’s LaGuardia and JFK airports.

Christopherson congratulates Delta Airlines on their new venture and we look forward to offering this new service to our corporate and leisure clients.