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Delta Airlines’ Checked Bag Guarantee: 20 Minutes or 2,500 Miles

2-airport-baggage-claim-jaak-nilsonDelta Air Lines has quietly launched a trial 20-minute carousel baggage delivery guarantee for SkyMiles members. The trial runs through March 31 and could possibly be implemented on a permanent basis if successful. The pulse of the guarantee is that members whose bags aren’t delivered to the airport carousel within 20 minutes of arrival, can get 2,500 bonus miles if they file a claim online with Delta within three days.

There are so many conditions some travelers may feel it is just an empty promise.  Delta says the plane-to-carousel time will be “measured by Delta’s baggage tracking system, where available.” Delta will use the information from the trial period to evaluate if or how such a guarantee would be implemented on a permanent basis.

So far, Delta is the second big U.S. carrier to offer such a guarantee. Alaska Airlines offers its own 20-minute baggage guarantee of 2,500 miles to customers whose bags do not arrive to the carousel within 20 minutes. However, they also give customers the option to receive a $25 travel voucher instead of the miles.

Since most airlines are charging for checked bags, this traveler thinks it would be nice to see other airlines add a guarantee as well.


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