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Corporate Travel Programs Need Better Rates of Hotel Attachment

Data from Christopherson Business Travel’s technology platform shows that 99% of all overnight business travel requires a hotel. The other 1% of travelers are probably staying with family–or maybe they’re sleeping in their car. Unfortunately for most business travel managers, the typical corporate travel program is tracking less than 50% of those overnight stays. But if you don’t know where more than half of your travelers are sleeping, how can you fulfill your duty of care responsibilities in the event of an emergency or crisis? Christopherson has developed a solution to this problem.  

With Christopherson Business Travel’s tool Hotel Attachment, travelers will receive an email notice if they have an overnight trip that is missing a hotel reservation. This email provides links allowing them to:

  • Add an existing reservation from a conference hotel or direct booking.
  • Request a hotel reservation through a full-service travel agent or self book it using a corporate booking tool
  • Send a reminder to book or attach the hotel at a later date
  • Decline the need for a hotel because they’re staying with friends
Hotel Attachement Tool- Christopherson Business Travel
A view of the Hotel Attachment email business travelers receive.

To better manage this daily process and provide actionable intelligence to the corporate travel manager, Christopherson recently released the Hotel Attachment Dashboard. Every day, the travel manager will receive a notice of upcoming stays that still need a hotel.  Through the dashboard, they can view a graph that shows the company’s progress toward 100% hotel attachment. A list of upcoming trips with reminder buttons are also provided to ‘ping’ travelers and encourage them to either attach their existing reservations or make a reservation to complete their travel plans.

A view of the corporate travel manager's Hotel Attachment Dashboard
A view of the corporate travel manager’s Hotel Attachment Dashboard

This is a win/win solution. Here’s why:

  • Business travelers benefit by ensuring they have a place to stay, along with a complete itinerary of all of their travel plans.
  • Corporate travel managers benefit by knowing where their travelers are staying if an emergency occurs.
  • The company benefits by having better negotiation power with hotel suppliers.

Installation of Hotel Attachment could’t be easier. If you are already a Christopherson client and are interested in our Hotel Attachment technology, simply contact your Account Manager for more details. If you’re looking for a new partner, Christopherson Business Travel is a corporate travel management solution expert with more than 60 years of experience. Please contact us if you are interested in learning more.