BY Kathleen Roberts |

Consumer Reports ranks U.S. airlines

Consumer Reports evaluated 10 of the nation’s biggest airlines; evaluating them on: check-in ease, cabin-crew service, cabin cleanliness, baggage handling, seat comfort and in-flight entertainment.
The ratings broke favorably for low-cost carriers, which took the top five spots in the Consumer Reports ratings. Not so good for the five traditional legacy carriers, which took the bottom five spots.
The ratings (scored on a 0-to-100 scale):
1. Southwest (87)
2. JetBlue (84)
3. Alaska Airlines (79)
4. Frontier (78)
5. AirTran (74)
6. Continental (72)
7. American (65)
8. Delta (64)
9. United (63)
10. US Airways (61)
According to the survey, uncomfortable seats and “excessive fees” are at the top of the list of fliers’ complaints.