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Christopherson Business Travel and Domo Harness the Power of Business Data to Transform the Travel Management Industry 07-17-2017

Christopherson Business Travel and Domo, today announced three new travel management solutions built to deliver groundbreaking analytics and insights on an organization’s travel budgets and spend.

Christopherson Business Travel's Technology Provides Actionable Intelligence 07-18-2016

In launching a number of technology enhancements to our AirPortal 360 platform, we are also providing business intelligence.

Business Travel Executive 06-01-2016

Effective travel risk management hinges on communication mediums like our AirPortal technology.

Ensuring Travel Policy Compliance and Duty of Care 07-15-2015

Christopherson Business Travel is set to launch two new products to assist companies in achieving higher travel policy compliance, duty of care fulfillment and simplifies travel management processes.

Colorado Biz Magazine 06-01-2015

Winner of the 2015 Top Woman-Owned Company in Colorado.

Christopherson Business Travel Hits Half Billion in Sales 03-02-2015

Christopherson Business Travel reported a 33 percent year-over-year increase, hitting more than a half billion dollars in annual sales for 2014.

Christopherson Business Travel Acquires All Seasons Travel 12-09-2013

Christopherson Business Travel announces today the acquisition of All Seasons Travel, forming one of the largest travel management firms in the country.

Christopheerson Business Travel Selects E-Travel Technologies to Provide Security Alerts 02-12-2013

Christopherson announced their selection of e-Travel Technologies Inc., to provide e-Travel alerts for our SecurityLogic technology.

Christopherson Business Travel Saves Companies Money with AirPortal 360 01-07-2013

Today we launched our AirPortal 360 tool, a new software platform designed to drive additional savings to customers.

Utah Business Journal 08-01-2012

Christopherson placed #1 as the top travel agency in Utah.

Travel Market Report 07-26-2012

Our CEO, Mike Cameron, discusses lower per diems as a concern in this article.

Travel Weekly 06-25-2012

Christopherson Business Travel places #32 in Travel Weekly's Power List of 2012.

Business Travel News 06-04-2012

Christopherson has been listed as a top travel managment company by Business Travel News survey. See page 8 for more.

Salt Lake Tribune 04-15-2012

Despite aftermath of 9/11 and recession, Christopherson thrives in online world.