BY Mike Cameron |

Christopherson Receives Fast 50 Award

Last week Christopherson Business Travel was recognized, by Utah Business Magazine, as one of Utah’s 50 fastest growing companies, for the second year in a row. The recipients are recognized “for their innovative business tactics and their skyrocketing revenue growth.” We were all congratulated for demonstrating notable entrepreneurial spirit, innovative business tactics, and the ability to drive revenue growth in the midst of a multi-year economic downturn.
Each of the CEOs had an opportunity to be interviewed and we were asked what the key drivers were behind our success. In our case, I noted three factors

  1. Focusing intently on a specific niche; business travel management
  2. Attracting the best people and keeping them happy
  3. Creating a unique competitive value proposition

Creating and maintaining a unique competitive advantage, which isn’t claimed by the competition and is not a cliché is how we built our strategy. We broke our value proposition into three separate “legs of the stool”; the value provided by:

  1. Our travel agents
  2. Our account managers
  3. Our proprietary technology

We relentlessly look at each “leg of the stool” and create unique services and value which aren’t offered by the competition. This strategic approach helped transform Christopherson into the fastest growing and largest travel agency in Utah and in the west!