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Christopherson Andavo Travel releases SecurityLogic®

Christopherson Andavo Travel has released SecurityLogic®, part of the TravelAcumen™ suite of products. SecurityLogic® provides travel managers with real time, interactive mapping to visually locate travelers and assist with crisis management.
Unlike most traveler tracking products, SecurityLogic® provides precise location accuracy of your travelers. At the time of release, SecurityLogic® has over 8,000 worldwide airports and 50,000 hotel addresses geocoded with street level accuracy. Instead of seeing just a basic country density map, SecurityLogic® allows you to quickly zoom down to a specific hotel address. You can also filter your travelers and map by specific countries or cities.
Accuracy does matters, just as an example, China is over 3,000 miles wide and Uighur unrest in the north west of China may not necessarily affect your travelers in Bejing.
SecurityLogic® also has direct connections to each traveler’s full and comprehensive itinerary. This allows you to view the trip in full context and then easily locate your travelers when unusual events such as natural disasters (earthquakes, tornadoes, hurricanes, floods, tidal waves), terrorist threats, or airline strikes occur.
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