Business trip to Boston? Fitting in a little sightseeing is a must.


It’s like a little bit of Florence with flecks of New York, sprinkled with some Seattle and spread out on the pages of a history book.

Aside from the timeless architecture and cobblestone streets lined with window boxes stuffed with flowers of every vibrant color—there is a story to go with all of it.

From Paul Revere to Ironside to the Boston Celtics to the Red Sox, there is history everywhere. (Granted the Celtics and Red Sox fall within the more recent history of Boston. But did you know that Babe Ruth started with the Red Sox before ending his career in New York?)

I would recommend staying downtown in the middle of it all. Don’t rent a car; the streets are impossible to navigate if you aren’t familiar with them. Just take a city bus tour. Then you can circle and listen and learn, and you can easily jump off to explore for a bit and then jump back on to get to the next stop. You can also follow the freedom trail—a  two to three mile trail marking 16 historical points. There are also bikes for rent and of course you can simply walk around aimlessly to take it all in.

You must also bring your appetite. The food in Boston is authentically Italian and the streets are filled with the scents of simmering oregano, melted mozzarella, and fresh baked bread. It’s as delicious as the portions are abundant. Oh, and for dessert Mike’s Pastry’s is a MUST. His freshly made cannolis are built as big as everything else in Boston and decorated with several toppings to choose from. But do plan on standing in line; one of the only crowded spots in Boston is Mike’s Pastry’s.

Needless to say, Boston is one of my favorite places and it’s a city everyone should experience.