BY Christopherson Business Travel |

Business travel with multiple charger cords?

Think back to the last time you packed for a business trip.  Do you remember having a section of your suitcase devoted to charger cords?  My husband is a frequent business traveler and he was traveling with the following separate cords:

  1. Business phone/Blackberry charger
  2. Personal phone charger
  3. iPod charger
  4. Bluetooth charger
  5. Laptop charger

Seriously?  Those cords are so long, messy, tangled and space-consuming.  And he was constantly having to plug them in when he got home, unplug them all again to pack them, etc.  It was an annoying cycle.  About a year ago, he found out about Callpod’s Chargepod
You plug in only the Chargepod, and it holds up to 6 adapters.  It has made his packing so much better.  Now he just leaves all his original charger cords at home, and travels with the Chargepod, which is way smaller and less tangled and messy.  He LOVES it.  (I promise I am not being paid by Callpod to mention this product.  They have no idea who I am.)  I know its Dec. 22, but if you’re looking for a last-minute gift for a business traveler you know, they will adore you for getting this.  Happy holidays!