BY Christopherson Business Travel |

Are you vacation deprived?

Did you know that 226 million vacation days will go unused this year, resulting in some 50 million Americans becoming vacation deprived?  A recent vacation deprivation study analyzed vacation habits across multiple countries around the world, and the results were interesting.
When asked, “How many vacation days, if any, do you receive from your employer each year?”, Germany, France, Spain, Denmark and Brazil all tied for first place with 30 days. Workers in the UK came in just below with 25, with Canada at 16, and the U.S. at 14. However, Japan came in last place with 11 days, which they used 6 of, on average.
According to the survey, most of the world’s work force likes to take a mix of short and long vacations during in the summer months, and beach locations won out over all others as the most preferred kind of holiday.
Clearly, we here in the U.S. are somewhat lacking in vacation days, so don’t let what you DO have go to waste!  Get thee to a beach and sun-bake that vacation deprivation away!
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