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Airports Develop Loyalty Programs

loyalty programs in airports

Following in the footsteps of airlines, hotels, and car chains, airports are now finding their way into consumer loyalty programs.

Burbank’s Bob Hope Airport is the first in California, and one of approximately 170 airports in the U.S. and Canada to implement the program for airport travelers. The Burbank Airport saw 5.9 million passengers pass through its doors in 2007. By 2012, those numbers had dropped to 4 million. That translates to less revenue for the airport, its vendors, and shops.

In an effort to halt the decline in passenger numbers, the airport has created a loyalty program that will give you miles for every dollar you spend. You can earn miles on your favorite airline or you can apply the points toward your Hilton HHonors account. Simply register your card online at and then register your credit or debit card. The airport is hoping this program will attract people who would normally fly into LAX or any of the other surrounding airports in the area.

In general, smaller airports are easier to navigate than the larger airports. Traffic is lighter and once you’re inside, lines tend to be shorter. But loyalty programs aren’t just for the smaller airports. Dallas Fort Worth (DFW) also started a similar program in June.

“The DFW Customer Rewards Program is a great opportunity for travelers to benefit even more from the amenities they now value at DFW,” said Jeff Fegan , CEO of DFW Airport. “Whether spending money on parking, a gift or a quick bite to eat, travelers are now able to accumulate miles to redeem with their favorite airline, simply by buying what they’re already buying at the Airport.”

Such loyalty programs are a great way to add miles to your frequent flyer accounts or hotel programs. If you’re interested in joining you can register at

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