BY Mike Cameron |

AirPortal®, now served with Rearden Commerce

Travel is a pretty data intensive industry. There is a lot to keep track of. One thing that makes it even worse is that the data and systems are so disparate (um, that would be disparate, not desperate – although one could argue at times they are both, hehe).
You have your itinerary in one system, your booking engine in another, your corporate reports in yet another. It just keeps going.
That’s why we developed AirPortal®. We want to provide a single login for all your travel needs.
Where it makes sense, we also want to provide you access to other tools directly from AirPortal®. That’s why, if your company chooses, we can integrate AirPortal® directly with any of four world-class, on-line booking tools: ResX, GetThere, Cliqbook, and now Rearden Commerce.