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At the start of the year, WebMD reported that 50% of Americans exercise regularly, so it is no wonder U.S. airports have started recognizing the desire for fitness options while traveling. In fact, Travel Weekly reported that travelers stuck with long layovers can now enjoy many healthy alternatives to indulging in junk food or impulse shopping.

For example, Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport has a fitness trail offering a two-mile indoor trail with seven water bottle-filling stations. The Dallas/Fort Worth Airport also has a walking path, DFW LiveWell Walking Path, measuring seven-tenths of a mile and features two optional step courses in the form of 55-foot-hight staircases. Other airports that are providing fitness options in their terminals include Boston’s Logan Airport with their walking paths and health stations and the Indianapolis Regional Airport which provides mileage markers in the airport corridors.

Although walking is practically unavoidable in most airports, the introduction of fitness as an amenity is likely to bring an even greater awareness and encourage travelers to consider more health-conscious options while on-the-go.

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