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Airlines to reimburse bag fees for delayed luggage

The Transportation Department is making a new ruling to help passengers recoup service fees charged on baggage when the airlines do not deliver the baggage on time. The new ruling also will help passengers get additional compensation for being bumped from a scheduled flight.
The airlines collected over 2 billion dollars last year for what they call “supplemental service fees”, like baggage fees. Most carriers now charge $25 to $35 per bag if a passenger wants to check a bag on a flight. This fee is in addition to the airfare . Likewise, the carriers collect a variety of other supplemental charges including fees for food, preferred seat assignments, priority boarding and additional fees for overweight baggage.
Over 2 million checked bags were lost last year. Regulations are already in place to require the airlines to reimburse a passenger for a lost bag. The new regulation would also require the airlines to return the extra service fee imposed for transporting that bag.
Another part of the new ruling would also increase the amount of money a passenger could be reimbursed if they are bumped from a scheduled flight. Airlines typically over sell seats, which means they will sell more reservations than are available on particular flight, based on a history of the number of expected cancellations. If they cannot accommodate all passengers that are holding a reservation, they are required to offer compensation for a traveler forced to take another flight.
Your Christopherson travel agent can advise you of any extra fees involved with your trip, in addition to the standard airfare.