BY Christopherson Business Travel |

Airlines Comply with TSA Requirements

The November 1st deadline is fast approaching for full compliance for the airlines to have Secure Flight Data on every airline reservation. What does this mean to the average traveler?   The TSA requires that every reservation have your full legal name, gender and birth date on each reservation.   This applies to all reservations for travel after November 1st, regardless of when original booking was made. The TSA rolled out the program more than a year ago and now compliance is mandatory. If the data is missing or incomplete on a reservation, this could lead to delays at check in, and possibly a missed or cancelled flight. 

What can a traveler do to insure compliance?  Be sure to check with your travel agent or view any upcoming trips online at the carrier website and see that the TSA security link shows the data is on each individual reservation. Take a moment and add the TSA data to your frequent flyer membership profiles with each airline and double check your Christopherson/Andavo travel profile to be sure information is listed and accurate. If you fly internationally, be sure your passport number and expiration date are also listed. Another helpful tip would be to always go online and check in prior to your trip. Your Christopherson/Andavo itinerary has easy links for check in. Most carriers allow this within 24hours of flight time.  This can help alert you to any flight time updates and serves as a reconfirmation of your trip.