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6 Tips to Travel More

By January 21, 2015November 6th, 2023No Comments

With the New Year now in full swing, most of us have resolutions we are working on. But usually by mid-year (and often sooner), half of us have will have likely broken one or more of those resolutions.

One of the top ten most frequently “un-achieved” resolutions is to travel to a new place. This goal is usually broken due to a lack of time and/or money. But there are ways to keep this resolution. Here is a list of six tips to help you travel more:

Top 6 tips to actually traveling more

  1. Make Time – A vacation doesn’t have to be a week or two long. Try instead for a getaway to a location you can get to quickly either in your car or via a short flight. Enjoy an overnight trip and enjoy the local sights.
  2. Extend a Business Trip – Often the sites of a city to which you travel for business can be very interesting. Since you are there anyway, adding a day or two can be easy. This can also save you money on airfare, and perhaps car and hotel. When possible, you can even have your family or friends meet you after your  meetings are over so you can enjoy the locale with others.
  3. Use Your Vacation Days – Work doesn’t go away. Intentions to get “caught up” before you leave may never happen. But if you put it on the calendar, you are more inclined to take the vacation. And to take it one step further–book it. Forces yourself to take the time off. You’ll be happy you did.
  4.  Start Saving Now – With automated bank deposits and transfers, there are many ways to set aside money for vacations. Determine an amount you can set aside and make it an automated saving. You won’t miss the money, and will have a nice amount when vacation time comes around.
  5.  Take a Staycation – During the recession, many people saved money by taking “staycations”–a vacation in their own town. Even with a stronger economy, this is still a great way to revisit your city and local sights that maybe you haven’t explored before.
  6. Look for Volunteer Travel Opportunities – Join a charitable organization or get more involved with your church. Many times they organize trips to help those in third-world countries and the cost of such trips are often paid for through fundraising. Plus, what a great way to see the world–while helping those in need.

Whatever your resolutions may be, I hope travel is on to your list. So many great places and opportunities await.

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