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6 Tips to “Lighten your Load” when Traveling for Business

By March 25, 2014November 6th, 2023No Comments

With the current baggage fees and restrictions most airlines now have, nobody likes to check a bag anymore. So whether you are traveling for business or leisure, the question is no longer “What do I pack?” but “How can I fit it all in one carry-on bag?”

Here are six tips for traveling light and saving headaches on your next business trip:

  1. Invest in a good carry-on with lots of pockets that is the correct size for the overhead space. Domestic carry-on size is 22 inches, while international is 20 inches. I would recommend buying only an international carry-on. It is really not that much of a difference in size.
  2. Get a briefcase or tote for your laptop and papers you might need during your flight. This will fit under the seat and ladies: a tote can double as a purse when you go out at night. Keep your business cards, memory sticks, laptop cords, and mints in this bag so you never forget them.
  3. If multiple outfits are needed with several pairs of shoes, wear the most comfortable ones for travel and pack the others.
  4. For ladies: Choose one set of jewelry that will match all your outfits and then wear it when you travel so that you don’t have to worry about it getting lost in your suitcase.
  5. If you need several outfits, consider packing things that coordinate so that you can mix and match throughout the week. For example, wear a suit one day and pair the same pants with a sweater for the following day. For evening events, consider wearing your daytime top with jeans.
  6. Invest in travel size everything and take advantage of the amenities provided by the hotel.

Consider trying to “lighten your load” on your next business trip and check out these additional resources for more great tips.

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