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4 Parking Tips For The Hartsfield-Jackson Airport

As a frequent business traveler living near Atlanta, Georgia, I typically fly out of the  Hartsfield-Jackson airport. Traveling is always difficult, but the worst part of flying out of Atlanta is the parking. Many times the only option is economy parking at the very back of the lot, resulting in a walk that seems like a mile to the terminal. I even find myself leaving an hour earlier, just to factor in time to drive around the parking decks looking for a parking spot.

The airport is constantly remodeling and planning for future growth. Construction on new parking decks are in the works, starting in fall of 2017. New parking decks will be built from four levels to eight levels. Though the end result will be a significant improvement, this too will cause major congestion until it’s finished. To help out fellow business travelers, I’ve compiled my favorite tips to easily park at Atlanta’s Hartsfield-Jackson Airport.

Parking tips for the Hartsfield-Jackson Airport

  • Whenever I park in daily parking, I immediately enter and go to the top floor of the deck. Most of the time your chances of finding a space are much greater as people tend to try and stay on the lower covered floors.
  • I mostly fly Delta, as the majority of people flying out of the ATL do. When getting to the airport, follow the signs to the blue terminal parking. My chances of finding spaces in that terminal are much greater than in the Delta parking decks. Once you enter the airport it’s only a short walk over to the red terminal.
  • Consider offsite parking. It does take a little longer to wait for the shuttle to pick you up, but will eliminate some of the stress. Many of the offsite parking areas allow for call ahead and prepaid spaces that are guaranteed. You pull in, park and get right on the shuttle.

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